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In the state of Georgia, portable fire extinguishers are required by code to be inspected and recertified annually by a permitted technician employed by a licensed firm.

Additionally various type maintenances are required to be performed at particular intervals within an extinguisher's life. Some common examples are six-year internal maintenance and twelve-year hydrostatic test for stored pressure dry chemical (ABC, PK, etc.) and clean agent (halon, halotron, FE36, etc.) type extinguishers. Class K type extinguishers for commercial kitchens are required to undergo a hydrostatic test every five years with a complete replacement of the wet chemical agent. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extinguishers also require a hydrostatic test every five years. Additionally if the CO2 extinguisher has a discharge hose it must have a conductivity test completed annually.

KITCHEN HOOD FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS are required to be inspected and serviced semi-annually (every six months). Also they must have a hydrostatic test including the wet chemical agent replacement at twelve years.

EXIT AND EMERGENCY LIGHTING must be inspected annually. The inspection includes a 90 minute /battery load test, charging system analyzation, and a visual inspection for any problems such as bare or uncapped wires, hot spots, and enclosure damage.